• Mottola (Puglia)  “Land of ravines”
  • calcareous-clayey
  • Maceration on the skins for 9 days, soft vertical and manual pressing of de-stammed grapes, fermentazione libera in acciaio a temperatura di canti free fermentation in stainless steel at cellar temperature (24/29°), at the end of the alcoholic fermentation (10/15 gg) transferring to barrel (steel 10 ql) e and subsequent decanting until its final bottling.
  • Soft filtration without clarification
  • Extended for 3 ha. Espalier system
  • Stumps density of 4500 per ha Average age of 18 years.
  • Yield per ha 80/90 ql
  • Hand-picked (100%), September 19
  • Defense method: organic

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Other varieties

Fiano (white)

Negroamaro (rosé)

Bianco D’Alessano (white)